You have a company of production or services active in local market and would like to start doing business internationally.


We may offer any of below services for the managers, business owners, or teams at your company:

- creating an export import department

- creating complete MSI (management information system) 

- proving required staff improvements

- all necessary media requirements

- market reserach

- marketing

- orientation services for your new staff

- coaching service to activate your passive staff


You want to start working or  improve your job at the fields of International Commerce and Logistics, we may offer you below listed services as a support for your career plan.

- career personality test

- job choice

- personal improvement analysis for the chosen job


- private courses in below listed subjects for one or group of people:


  • international commerce basics

  • logistics

  • custom 

  • documentation

  • marketing

  • potential markets

  • potential clients

  • export sales

  • import purchases

  • foreign languages

  • international culture

  • business letter writing

  • problem solving 


You are an exporter and/or importer with low volume of operation.


Instead of creating departments for marketing, sales, operations and hiring several staffs; we may work as your department including below listed services:

  • proforma invoices

  • sales contracts

  • purchase orders

  • shipping documents

  • banking documents

  • quality documents

  • certificates required

  • custom works

  • lojistics services

  • after sales services

  • sales reports

  • performance reports

  • portfolio database

  • delivery documents

  • updates un custom rules

  • updates on international business rules


Your company is getting bigger and your entire stuff is stuck with over works (only related with international commerce and logistics)


We can give you a support by the following services:

  • determining min/max staff requirements

  • determing required qualifications

  • planning use of media to anounce job 

  • analysis of application forms and first stage elections according to basic  points

  • following next stages to make elections according to several factors

  • call for the final candidates face to face interviews and testing

  • sharing the results and our professional comments and advices with you to make final decision

  • preparing a whole data report for your records database