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The design and production of our molds and fixtures that are used in every stage of the production are produced in-house by our own experienced technical team. Semi and end products can be manufactured by applying punching, bending, edge reducing, edging, end cutting and similar requests on special profiles.


  • Door window frames & window rails

  • Glass running rail profile of doors

  • Chassis profiles, chassis parts of trucks

  • Automobile Bumper Profiles

  • Air filter cabins

  • Sliding door rails

  • Seat rails and frames

  • Rain gutter

  • Alusi exhaust pipe

  • Bus Rain Gutter Profile

  • Bicycle Guardrail Profile

  • Sofa Sled Profiled

In the automotive industry, clamps are used in fuel hoses, radiator hoses, air conditioning hoses, brake systems and engine-mounted air filter systems. In addition, clamps are also used in axle and rudder systems.

  • Screm / band clamps

  • Spring clamps

  • Wire clamps

  • Ear clamps


Please click below for more details:

Automotive profiles





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Solar profiles



Some of the common construction materials include wood, concrete, steel, cement, bricks, and metal. In this modern era, engineers use the efficient techniques of 'mix and match' to come up with the best construction material and build high-quality structures.


Steel is the undisputed leader in civil engineering structural materials, and it is one of the two primary materials used in civil engineering constructions. We have ooportunities to offer below types:

  • Steel reinforcement bars

  • Hot rolled steel beams

  • Hot rolled steel merchant bars

  • Rollformed construction profiles

  • Connectioon parts , clamps

  • Steel wire

  • Nail types

Addionally we are able to offer best quality of natural stones from Turkish sources in very wide range of types:

  • Marble

  • Travertine

  • Limestone

  • Granite

  • Basalt

  • Pebble

  • Tumbled

Shortly we will be able to offer some kind of machines to be used in constructions as well, please keep us following.

Please click below for more details:

Construction Profiles

Long Steel

Flat Steel




Hot-dip galvanized steel provides corrosion protection that can often last for decades, even when exposed to the harsh environment of farming. Stainless steel is also utilized for its surface properties. Some of our steel products served in agricultural use as listed next.

Additionally we are the producer of steel posts, profiles for greenhouses, plus we construct fully equipped greenhouses for your use.

  • ilo Extraction Equipmentages.

In our factory placed in southern part of Turkey , producing fertilizers in many different types.

Clamps for very wide use in the agricultural industries and also tolls and machine production, for details visit our products pages.

  • Fertilizers

  • Chemicals for fertilizer production

  • Complete construction and installation of greenhouse sys

  • Farm tools and parts for tools production

  • Farming vehicles

  • Farming tools

  • Steel pipe

  • Steel tube

  • Steel sheet and plate

  • Expanded metal

  • Steel mesh flooring

  • Steel bars

  • Steel gates

  • Hose clamps

  • Connecting and fitting elements

  • Greenhouse support elements and steel profiles

  • Farm and horse doors

  • Steel structural buildings

  • Storage containers

  • Storage racks and supoort elements

  • Irrigation , climating, watering systems

  • Silos

  • Silo extration equipments

  • Hose clamps

  • Fencing, solar, greenhouse sys clamps

Please click below for more details:

Greenhouse Profiles

Long Steel



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